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Sintslag is a product used for treatment and inertisation of slag coming from metallurgical processes; Sintslag mixed with slag during its evacuation, does not interfere with the normal process of steel production. Therefore Sintslag utilization does not give any restriction or influence to the steel manufacturing process. Benefits of Sintslag utilisation are:

•Complete reduction of powder during the process of slag solidification, making it easy to clean, transport, and recover metallic fractions still contained in it.

•Sintslag works on chemical slag characteristics, reducing heavy metals oxides; hexavalent chrome changes into trivalent chrome, with a downgrading of slag from toxic-hazardous to an inert material.

•Moreover Sintslag reduces slag volume of about 60%.

•Sintslag allows a decrease of slag recycling costs and significant ecological and environmental advantages.

•Slag after treatment could be used as bituminous agglomerated for road surface.

Sintslag quantity to treat slag has to be evaluated considering plant structure, chemical analysis of the slag, and desired result. Sinslag can be used for treatment of white and black slag coming from any metallurgical processes.

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